Kim Anh

Kim Anh – Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

They are 2 of the most-popular 60Plus MILFs ever. In fact, Rita Daniels discovered Kim Anh and sent her our way, something we’ll always be grateful for (Rita is one in all our best recruiters of new MILFs).

And, likewise, though Rita had done three-ways with Lexi McCain and Sally D’Angelo and Kim had done a three-way with Scarlet Andrews, we’d never been able to get Rita and Kim in our studio at the same time.

Oh, we tried, and we thought it was planning to happen last year, but a number of last-minute complications got in the way. But once you have two chicks like Rita and Kim–women who love to fuck and take it up the butt, babes who does do simply regarding anything on-camera–you don’t give up.

And, so finally, it happened, and we’d go so far as to say that the pairing of Rita and Kim ranks right up there with our best ever.

We’re bound the stud who got to fuck them would agree. He’s 22-year-old Peter Green, and he had the ride of his life with 65-year-old Rita and 63-year-old Kim. He screwed their mouths. He stuffed their cunts. He screwed their asses. And will you imagine what it must feel need to have your boner in Rita or Kim’s vagina or stinky hole whereas the other girl licks your shaft or sack.

Kim is from Thailand. Rita is American. East meets West, and these GILFs are the best.

Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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Kim Anh – Kim Anh’s ancient fucking techniques

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Kim Anh's ancient fucking techniques

During this scene, 63-year-old next door wife Kim Anh teaches secret Oriental sex techniques to JMac. The idea, Kim says, is that he’s supposed to hold back his orgasm for as long as possible. On the surface, this seems to be self-serving. Of course Kim desires JMac to hold back as long as possible. She wants as much penis as possible. But JMac agrees to go with her because, well, he wants this Asian hottie with the tight body.

He then proceeds to fuck her every which way. And he will not have an orgasm till he truly cums.


You watch, Kim is not only a nice fuck; she’s additionally a nice fuck instructor. She’s done this before. She gave united states all butthole sex lessons in her last seems at Her YouTube movie called “How To own Stinky hole Sex” has almost four-million views. And now this.

There couldn’t be a better teacher.

Kim Anh's ancient fucking techniques

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Kim Anh – Anh-al sex

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Anh-al sex

In these photos, lovely 62-year-old Kim Anh DPs herself.

How will she DP herself? By shoving a dildo inside her booty whereas Rocky fucks her pussy.

Of course, later, Rocky’s penis fucks her beaver. Because that’s how Kim rolls. She loves getting ass-fucked. She told us, although you will tell by the look on her face.

“I’ve always been adventurous,” said Kim, who’s married and a next door wife. “I always tried to move higher than and beyond my comfort zone. That’s how I love to live.”

By the way, she’s comfortable with a fuckstick in her booty.

Kim was born in Thailand. She used to be a tour guide and trekked the Himalayas. Very adventurous. But we’re willing to bet which additional girls have trekked the Himalayas than have gotten ass-fucked on-camera.

“I love to induce stuffed inside the ass. It is a extremely intense and pleasurable feeling.”

Despite being 62 and very sexually active, Kim has an incredibly tight muff and stinky hole.

“My hubby says my stinky hole feels tight like a pussy. My camel toe is likewise very tight. Men prefer to feel every of my holes squeezing their cocks so tight. They have giant orgasms as a result of of it.”

Rocky incorporates a giant orgasm during this scene. Kim enjoys which, too.

Anh-al sex

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Kim Anh – The art of Asian fuckstick massage

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The art of Oriental cock massage

“I’m so happy to be back,” said Kim Anh, a 62-year-old Oriental next door wife and one in all our most-popular 60PlusMILFs ever. Carlos is in addition happy that Kim’s back. That’s because she’s aiming to offer him the massage of his life. She massages his fuckstick and nuts. She sucks his schlong. She fucks his schlong. Carlos cums on her face. Currently that’s what we call a full-service massage.

We asked Kim, “Have you always lived on the edge, or is that something that developed later on in life?” And she said, “I feel which I’ve always been adventurous. I always tried to move higher than and beyond my comfort zone. That’s how I really like to live.”

We asked Kim, ‘Besides being here, what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”

And she said, “Climbing Mount Everest. I went to the base camp.”

Then we said, “Usually the such plenty adventurous thing a model tells us she’s done is have sex in an elevator.”

And Kim said, “I did that, too!”

Relish Kim’s return to It was a long time within the making.

The art of Asian fuckstick massage

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Kim Anh – Two boners for an Asian wife’s ass hole

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Two cocks for an Asian wife's asshole

Kim Anh, a 61-year-old housewife from Thailand and our first Oriental OLDER at, has already taken one hard penis up her tight small stinky hole for our viewing pleasure. And here, in her fourth scene at, Kim is regarding to take two dicks up her booty, one at a time. Those boners are as well concerning to fuck her mouth and camel toe. And they’re attending to cum on her face.

“I was therefore hot for them, especially after they put their hard boners in my asshole,” Kim said when the episode. “My whole face is still vibrating.”

Kim told united states which when a boy fucks her anal, she does be able to feel it on her G-spot, thus it is as if she’s getting her ass and crotch stuffed at the same time. Here, once Kim is getting her butt stuffed, she’s additionally sucking the choice guy’s penis, so it is as if she’s getting her mouth, beaver and butt hole fucked at the same time.

“I felt thus comfortable and warm,” Kim said.

She probably felt even warmer when her face was dripping with ass-induced cum shot.

Welcome back, Kim. We’re happy we could make your fantasies come true.

Two dicks for an Asian wife's asshole

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Kim Anh – Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the massive hard-on

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Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the huge hard-on

In her return to, 61-year-old Oriental hottie Kim Anh is JMac’s nurse. Feels like he has a broken foot, therefore she sits all the way down to attend to it and notices which he’s tenting his nightgown. She can’t cure his broken foot but she does do something regarding his rock-hard penis, namely suck and fuck it and then take his sperm into her mouth and play with his sticky stuff. Nurse!

“I’ve always been adventurous,” Kim said. “I always tried to move higher than and beyond my comfort zone. That’s how I like to live.”

Here, Kim moves outside the comfort zone by taking on a large dick. It appears even bigger because Kim is solely five-feet tall and weighs 92 pounds.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Kim now lives in the Midwest Us with her hubby. Lucky stud.

“I watched my initial two scenes with my hubby,” Kim said. “I was pleasantly shocked and glad to see which others enjoyed me. I was aroused and therefore was my hubby. I even sucked his penis as we watched.”

Okay, therefore it sounds like Kim’s hubby enjoyed watching Kim’s scenes a lot more than we did. But we’re not greedy. We’ll happily take all the Kim we will get.

Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the large hard-on

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Kim Anh – Facial for Kim Anh

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Cum for Kim Anh

After Kim Anh visited united states the First time, she said, “I love after men who I recognize, or don’t recognize, start putting fingers in my ass, and then I get him hard. And from there, I will spread my cheeks and let him thrust his hard schlong into my butthole. I actually like it!”

Kim, who’s 61 years old and married, was our first Oriental MILF when she debuted, and she made her debut even lots of memorable by getting ass-fucked in her initial scene. And will you guess what Kim is doing this time? She’s obtaining ass-fucked again! And the dude starts by priming her booty with his fingers. Why?

“Because I like butthole sex!” Kim said.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, now living in the midwestern United states, Kim is five-feet tall and weighs solely 92 pounds, creating it even more impressive which she can take such a huge schlong up her booty. She as well has C-cup titties that she eagerly shows off.

Kim came to united states through Rita Daniels, one in all our favorite GILFs. No wonder there. Rita has an eye for horny babes, and Kim is almost as naughty as Rita…maybe even naughtier considering that Rita didn’t get ass-fucked the 1st time.

Therefore thank you again, Rita. And welcome back, Kim.

Cum for Kim Anh

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Kim Anh – Our First Oriental GILF Takes It Up The Anal!

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Our First Oriental GILF Takes It Up The Butt!

Better late than never, our 1st Oriental at is Kim Anh, a 61-year-old housewife from Bangkok, Thailand who currently lives inside the United states. And to celebrate the occasion, Kim is taking a enormous cock up her tight butt. Why?

“Because I like butt sex!” Kim said. “I does easily load during butthole sex if the man is aware of how to fuck my butt.”

This stud, 33-year-old Tony is aware of, and Kim had a great time in her first-ever on-camera suck-and-fuck.

Before this, Kim’s favorite job was as a tour guide in Bangkok.

And now her favorite employment is banging penis for our viewing pleasure!

You’ll learn plenty of concerning Kim in the video interview. But for now, we’ll tell you that she’s a bit five-feet, 92 pounds, measures 36-24-32 with C-cup racks and was discovered by one among our favorite GILFs, the great Rita Daniels. They met at the Exotic Expo in Las Vegas.

“She loved my look and recommended me,” Kim said. “I determined to go for it.”

Now, as we said, we love Rita, but her recommendation wouldn’t have meant much if Kim was not a great-looking chick. But she is. And here she is!

Kim Anh. Jizz drop on Kim Anh!

Our 1st Asian GILF Takes It Up The Butt!

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