Regi – Regi Gets Her Creampie

MILF moms being stuffed
Regi Gets Her Creampie

The first time Regi stuffed at, when the guy had blown his load everywhere her pretty face, she said, “That was fun! Next time, I wish to do a creampie!”

Well, who are we to say no when a sexy GILF asks to have a stud load inside her aging twat? We didn’t say no, and here’s 62-year-old Regi in her second scene, blowing penis and fucking and yes, getting a creampie. She’s obviously glad concerning it. As a result of the load drains out of her beaver, Regi features a huge smile on her face.

“I love when men cum in my beaver!” Regi told united states through a translator (she’s from the Czech Republic).

Blonde and big racked, Regi strips out of her button-down shirt and skirt and lies face-down on the massage table, fully naked. For a couple of reason, the masseur shows up wearing simply a towel around his waist, and that is fine with Regi as a result of once he pours oil on her back and starts rubbing it in, she gets rid of that towel and starts blowing his penis.

Maybe that’s why he was wearing just a towel.

Regi Gets Her Creampie

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Cammille Austin – The new MOMMA incorporates a gaping beaver!

Mom moms being stuffed
The new COUGAR includes a gaping pussy!

At initial glance, Cammille Austin, a 56-year-old wife from Arkansas, seems just like the lady next door. Blonde and beautiful, of course, and sexy, but she could be a businesswoman or even a librarian in her button-down top and modest skirt. But then the clothes return off, and we see what Cammille is very all about: the giant breasted, the bra which her nipples poke through, the crotchless panties, the tattoos and the piercings. Each her nipples are pierced and so is her shaved cunt. Cammille is the gal next door who likes to fuck and who you’d love to fuck.

Is she a swinger? No. Is she a nudist? No. But she is married with children and grandchildren. And she encompasses a tight tiny body with a small waist and those busty. Cammille is solely 5’1″, that makes her a trifle fuck toy.

“I work in health care,” Cammille said. “My husband is a surgeon, thus mainly I am seen in scrubs. Such lots people I grasp would be shocked to see me here.”

Here, Cammille sucks Tony’s cock deep and tries to induce it all into her mouth. Then he tugs on her pussy piercings whereas she tugs on her nipple piercings. He fucks her, and once he withdraws his boner to change positions, Cammille spreads her pink cunt thus we does watch within. Then he fucks her from behind and makes her muff gape. Yep, it is a real gaper. And to end things off, Tony cums on her face.

Wouldn’t you?

The new OLDER incorporates a gaping muff!

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Jewel – Fuck the boss

Old moms being fucked
Fuck the boss

You’ve seen 65-year-old Jewel in additional ways. You’ve seen her sucking. You’ve seen her fucking. You’ve seen her sharing boner with Bea Cummins and Lola Lee and you’ve seen her taking on two giant, chocolate boners at the same time. But you’ve never seen this wife, mommy and grandmother as cock-hungry as she is in these pics.

Jewel is a sexy boss who has precious small time to fuck James in the warehouse. They can’t get caught. It wouldn’t look right. But before she even has James’ penis out of his pants, Rocky shows up, and, hey, the best way to keep a dude silent is by sucking his schlong. Thus, Jewel had planned to own one cock in her mouth, but now she has 2. And she had planned to have one cock fucking her old beaver, but currently these 2 barely legal students are taking turns on her mouth and cunt.

Rocky is 25. James is 21. In choice words, they are every barely legal enough to be Jewel’s grandsons. But they are not. They’re her fuck buddies.

“I love young penis,” Jewel told us. “That’s one among the reasons I keep coming back to your studio.”

And she’s always welcome. Jewel is one of our most-popular GILFs ever.

“I’m usually a more-private ‘whore behind the door,’ Jewel said. “But I do admit I get pleasure from having sex in front of the cam.”

She didn’t have to tell us that. We can always tell.

Fuck the boss

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Rebecca Williams – Rebecca loves a hard pecker

MILF moms being screwed
Rebecca loves a hard pecker

Rebecca Williams, a 50-year-old wife and mom from Florida, makes her debut, and after you see her video, you’ll understand why we assume she’s one among the horniest women we have ever featured. Yeah, we’re obtaining a little ahead of ourselves, and you’re attending to enjoy the footage of Rebecca fucking on-camera, but once you watch how she drools everywhere this guy’s penis and gags on it and takes it deep in her snatch while gaping which pussy all the way, you’ll apprehend Rebecca is special.

“Most people chicks live two lives: one with straight pals and family and one with episode pals,” Rebecca said. “My straight buddies and family would be stunned to watch me here.”

Her “scene” friends–what she calls her swinger mates–would not be stunned.

“I started swinging once I was 20,” Rebecca said. “The wildest time was when my hubby and that i partied with a couple once their wedding in Vegas. They spent their wedding night with united states.”

Rebecca has sex 3 or four times a week. She gets off on “large dudes and lickers.” We asked her if she likes being watched while she’s having sex, and she said, “Yes. It is hot and exciting, particularly seeing men check and jerk off.”

Rebecca can’t check you jerk off. But she can be able to imagine it.

Rebecca loves a hard pecker

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Cara Reid – Even cowgirls get the splooge

Mommy moms being stuffed
Even cowgirls get the splooge

Looking beautiful and fit to fuck, as usual, 61-year-old Cara Reid takes on a couple teenage dick for the second time at

“I need you to pound me so hard,” Cara says. “And I wish you to pull which cock out and that i would like to taste my pussy juice on your schlong. Oh, my muff is obtaining so wet thinking concerning it.”

Married and living in Texas, sweet-talking Cara came to united states by way of Sally D’Angelo, and we’re pleased to announce which it is solely a matter of time before you’ll watch Sally and Cara sharing a dick at

But that’s a story for another day.

Here’s the story for today: Cara is blonde and has attractive tan lines and large, fake boobies. They’re DD-cups. After Tony cums on her face, she smiles. You have to love a girl who smiles when she has load all over her face. Tony, the stud who will the honors during this scene, is 34 years old. That’s Twenty seven years younger than Cara, teenage enough to be her son. Cara, by the way, is a older and grandmother.

“I used to play softball,” Cara said. “I see football and the UFC fights. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.”

Even at 61, Cara is hot enough to be a Cowboys cheerleader. Of course, they probably wouldn’t approve of this. But who cares?

Even cowgirls get the splooge

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Ciara – Ciara’s cum-back

Aging moms being fucked
Ciara's cum-back

When Ciara 1st walked into our studio in 2010, she was a 49-year-old with a husband who wasn’t therefore positive he needed his next door wife sucking and fucking total strangers on-camera for all the universe to see.

But, Ciara reasoned, “He knows how much I wished to do this. I am positive he’ll get pleasure from it when we go home and check my episode along.”

She was right. Those scenes were posted at

“I thought they were hot,” Ciara said. “My husband did, too.”

And, not to be left out, he got to fuck his pretty housewife whereas watching her fucking other men.

“Being in front of the camera and seeing myself having sex always makes me wet,” Ciara said.

Ciara is now 53 years mature. She’s in addition married. She’s now living in Tampa, Florida. And this is her debut. Her body is moreover tight and right: 36DD-24-34. Her dress size is a two. She weighs solely 112 pounds. And she takes Tony’s large, curved schlong deep…so deep which she came over and over again.

“And I plan to jizz again when I see it.”

Ciara's cum-back

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Kim Anh – Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the massive hard-on

Mommy moms being fucked
Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the huge hard-on

In her return to, 61-year-old Oriental hottie Kim Anh is JMac’s nurse. Feels like he has a broken foot, therefore she sits all the way down to attend to it and notices which he’s tenting his nightgown. She can’t cure his broken foot but she does do something regarding his rock-hard penis, namely suck and fuck it and then take his sperm into her mouth and play with his sticky stuff. Nurse!

“I’ve always been adventurous,” Kim said. “I always tried to move higher than and beyond my comfort zone. That’s how I like to live.”

Here, Kim moves outside the comfort zone by taking on a large dick. It appears even bigger because Kim is solely five-feet tall and weighs 92 pounds.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Kim now lives in the Midwest Us with her hubby. Lucky stud.

“I watched my initial two scenes with my hubby,” Kim said. “I was pleasantly shocked and glad to see which others enjoyed me. I was aroused and therefore was my hubby. I even sucked his penis as we watched.”

Okay, therefore it sounds like Kim’s hubby enjoyed watching Kim’s scenes a lot more than we did. But we’re not greedy. We’ll happily take all the Kim we will get.

Nurse Kim heals the sick, fucks the large hard-on

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Azure Dee – Just do it, Azure!

Old moms being fucked
Just do it, Azure!

The First time’s a great time for Azure Dee, a 56-year-old divorcee who’s fucking in front of the cam for the first time. Azure is five-feet tall, weighs solely 120 pounds and is a mother and grandmother. She was born in Seattle, Washington and lives in Idaho. She’s been an escort, thus you know she likes to fuck. She’s also been a competitive bodybuilder for almost 30 years.

“I like being in front of folks with next to nothing on,” she said. “I always had which adventurous sense of looking to get caught and doing things in public places.”

Such as?

“On a date, at a high-end restaurant that had long, linen tablecloths, I said to my date, ‘Ooops, I dropped my fork, sweetie,’ and climbed underneath the table and started to own fun with him. Then we took it back to the men’s bathroom. Then one time, I ended up within the back of a bar with a stud and went out and had fun within the alley. I love doing tiny fun things like which.”

Azure says she’s here as a result of “I would like to have sex in front of of us.”

“I’m all concerning sensuality and i love to touch and that i really like to explore,” she said. “It’s hard for me to talk regarding it. I’d rather merely do it.”

Okay, Azure. Do it!

Just do it, Azure!

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Katherine Merlot – A 3some For The 70something

Older moms being fucked
A 3some For The 70something

Here at, we prefer to treat our girls well, therefore we gave Katherine Merlot the double dicking this 70something divorcee deserved. We gave her Tony’s big white fuckstick and Asante’s large ebony boner, and she wasted no time hungrily devouring them.

“You like this old woman’s mouth?” Katherine said as she took turns blowing their dicks. “You like how I suck on your massive, hard cocks?”

Once Katherine got one among those dicks in her attractive snatch, she right currently let loose with the fuck speak.

“Fuck my muff harder! I really like which young penis within me!” she shouted. Her lustful mouth rattled on the entire time. Which is, unless her lips were plugged with a plumper schlong. Katherine fucks like a well-lubed machine, rocking back and forth as if pumping for oil. She yet pushes her limits for cock meat.

“I have a smaller camel toe canal. I will take eight inches, nine is pushing it. I have to work up to something which huge.”

Katherine certainly enjoyed pushing herself. And she ended up with 2 loads of load on her face.

We suppose she appearance very good which way.

A 3some For The 70something

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Honey Ray – Welcome back, Honey Ray!

Mom moms being fucked
Welcome back, Honey Ray!

It’s always a pleasure to welcome back a favorite, so we’re thrilled that Honey Ray, one of our 1st 50Plus MILFs back in 2009, has returned to our studio. Honey Ray, who’s a MILF and grandmother, is currently 58 years mature, and we expect she seems even higher than she did once we Initial saw her.

The good news: Honey Ray is still blonde, she’s yet attractive, she in addition has big tits with pierced nipples and she similarly has a pierced camel toe that she likes to urge fucked.

The bad news: There is never additionally bad news.

“It’s great to be back,” said Honey Ray, who’s always smiling and always within the mood. “I hope you’ll have me back once I’m 60.”

Save the date, Honey.

Seriously, how many 58-year-olds look this perfect in such a short, tight dress? Well, other than the chicks of How several women suck giant, thick dicks whereas staring into a camera and show off their gaping cunts and assholes for all the universe to see? How several chicks open up their vaginas therefore we can watch the creampie that’s been left behind?

Honey Ray is a special babe. Let’s welcome her back in our own, special way.

Welcome back, Honey Ray!

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